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BLP's Third Public Demo[]

[Videos: Copyright Blacklight Power and presented under the standard YouTube license. Time index is from BLP site.]


Blacklight Power Demonstration, July 21st 2014, Part 1

  • 1h:20m – SunCell Design and Parameter Review
  • 1h:46m – 3rd Generation SunCell Video Review
  • 1h:53m – 3rd Generation SunCell Demonstration and Discussion

Blacklight Power Demonstration, July 21st 2014, Part 2

  • 0h : 43m – Dr. Ramanujachary
  • 0h : 54m – Dr. Joe Renick
  • 1h : 13m – Dr. Glumac
  • 1h : 22m – Demonstration Summary

The Mills Radius

Excerpt from Blacklight Power Demonstration, July 21st 2014 (Part 2). Dr. K.V. Ramanujachary describes the lack of opposition to his published report about the new electron orbit.. a questioner suggests nomenclature for this radius... Dr. Mills explains what is happening in the hydrino transition. Video and transcript